About your tutor

Your tutor has helped make other people rich. Now it’s your turn.

After a Foundation Course in Art & Design, and a degree in English & Drama, your tutor spent 20 years in advertising and marketing, as a copywriter. (If you’ve ever seen Mad Men, you’ll know what this is.) During this time, I worked in the UK and USA on some of the world’s biggest brands, at some of the world’s biggest agencies.

Now you can benefit from this experience.

Previous clients

Working with some outstanding art directors, designers and strategic thinkers, I have helped to enrich: Air Miles, American Express, Avis, Bell South Communications, Bhs, British Airways, bmi, BT, BusinessWeek, Cable & Wireless Communications, Citroën UK, Commercial Union, Compaq, East Midlands Electricity, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Eddie Bauer, Goldfish, HP, HSBC, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Madame Tussaud’s, Marbles, Mind, Nando’s, Northwest Airlines, 02, Orange, Oyster, Quaker, Quay Arts, Renault, South African Breweries, Sprint, T-Mobile, Tesco, US Bank and Visa USA. (My favourite moment was having my work approved by Sir David Attenborough – without any changes – for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.)

attenborough letter

In 20 years of advertising, this is the piece I was most pleased with: a letter signed by Sir David Attenborough, appealing for money to launch the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place.

We’re all so familiar with his tone of voice, the letter and quote on the leaflet were easy to write. And he made no changes to the text.

Fully rounded writing career

I’ve worked in sales promotion, direct marketing, loyalty marketing, above-, below- and through-the-line advertising, and was one of the first integrated writers in London. (These are industry expressions – don’t worry if they don’t mean anything to you.)

My writing has not all been about selling. I have also written an Afternoon Play for BBC Radio 4, audio drama for Big Finish, and a number of unproduced stage, TV and film scripts.

Why teach, not do?

I do occasionally create, improve or rescue websites, and you can approach me for that. But I would rather teach you how to create and manage your own website on a one-day workshop. With WordPress, you don’t need to know anything about coding or design – you just need great content. Which means you need to know:

  • what to say
  • how to say it
  • what to show
  • and how to encourage potential clients to get in touch

The one-day workshop is €250 per person, and requires a minimum of two people.

Make a person a website, and you please them for a day. Teach a person to make their own website and they’ll be happy for – I dunno – years.

Alex—yourwebsitecourse tutor

The WordPress Doctor

Here’s an example of one time I was called in for an emergency. Second Nature runs bushcraft and outdoor learning courses in Sussex. Guide and teacher, Nicky, is far happier tracking animals, building shelters and making fire with her bare hands than sitting inside building things on a computer. (If you’ve ever done bushcraft, you’ll know why.)

The old website was created in 2011 and had major design issues. It didn’t reflect the fantastic work of Second Nature, and was attracting more spam than clients. In one and a half days, I installed plugins to stop the spam attacks, updated and customised the Theme, resized and retouched the images, reworked the logo, created a gallery, rewrote most of the pages, added internal and external links, registered the site with Google, worked on the SEO and reorganised the menu. A followup phone call to Nicky, to walk her through the new block-based editing system, was all that was needed – and the patient is now doing well.

Before and after the doctor called

website before doctoring
The Second Nature site was an emergency.
website after website doctor
After two days in intensive care, the patient is doing well.

If you need emergency intervention, feel free to get in touch. (Please bear in mind, I only have one pair of hands and maybe attending to another patient.) But if you’d rather learn how to do it all yourself – book a place on yourwebsitecourse.


website creation
The Vale de Torre website was conjured from almost nothing in about a week

The Vale de Torre healing centre in Portugal asked me to create their website from scratch. As with the Second Nature example above, there were some excellent images – which is a bonus. Hans and Kate, who run the centre, also provided some useful text to help create some of the Pages.

The site took about a week to complete and is now managed by the Vale de Torre team. If you would like me to build your entire website, you can ask about availability and pricing.