Learn to create your own website
Learn to create your own website

How to create a website | Targeting | Words | Images | Tricks of the trade

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“How do I create a website?” you ask. I’ll tell you what I know.

You need to create a website. Or improve your existing website.

When you ask a search engine how to create a website, you are shown hundreds of pages about website builders, domain names, and web hosts.

All that comes at the end. You are only at the start.

(Actually, you are still warming up before the start, but we will get to that.)

Your first questions

At this stage, you are asking questions like: 

  • What should I write on my website? 
  • Where will I find images for my website? 
  • How many pages should my website have? 
  • Who is my website for? 
  • What’s SEO? 
  • Can somebody just do it for me? 
  • Is there anything new on Netflix? 
  • Why has my coffee gone cold?

Almost all the answers

As a professional writer for many years (more on that, here), I have been through the process countless times. I’ve helped big brands make huge amounts of money. I know the answers to almost all those questions – and I could take an educated guess about the last two.

But I don’t want to keep that information to myself. So I’ve written it all down in something called yourwebsitecourse.

Everything you need to know in one place

The yourwebsitecourse syllabus teaches you everything you need to create a website, step by step. It’s an easy read, although the work will sometimes be hard. The pdf is filled with information you will not find anywhere else. The syllabus will uncover talents you did not know you had. And save you a fortune in web developer costs. It could even help make you rich.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an email from someone who used the yourwebsitecourse syllabus to create a website in WordPress.

How’s this for a testimonial?

I was looking for someone to help me with copy for my website. At any given day I felt that I either had nothing to say or didn’t have the words to articulate what I did want to say. I also lacked the confidence to go for it, and all the confusing and mountains of information didn’t seem to help me figure out how to simply start. How could I possibly put a website together?

With your syllabus alone, I’ve created my website from start to “finish” complete with a homepage, about pages, three services pages and a contact page. It’s one of my greatest achievements! It turns out that I had a lot to say (maybe too much) and I could navigate through (not founder around) getting a WordPress site up and running. I would not have been able to do it without your step-by-step instruction and writing guidance. Everything was laid out for me to follow and you somehow made it fun even when it got overwhelming (which happened a few times from hours spent learning, thinking, doing, writing, reading). Also, as detailed as you were, there was still a lot of space to be creative which was amazing. You’ve been a fantastic guide.

Within the packed content I loved how you had built in mental breaks, quick stories, tips on beating writer’s block, and frustration. I’ll be going back to the syllabus time and time again as my website evolves, feeling confident that I’d be able to add blog pages and improve SEO or do anything else, because it’s all laid out for me to follow. I loved being able to apply myself, and this was an unexpected gift since before I ran into you, I thought I wanted the whole website to be done for me.

Thanks so much for putting this together and for offering it to me. I still can’t believe that I was able to do the whole website in just a few weeks. I did reach out to my partner for some technical help when needed, but this was minimal.

And here it is….

Regan Galicia
create a website example
Regan created this WordPress website
new website creation
Using the yourwebsitecourse syllabus

The yourwebsitecourse syllabus will work for you, too

I have not changed a word of that testimonial. Although we exchanged emails, I never spoke to Regan. I think the website they created is outstanding. As you can see for yourself.

This feedback tells me that the yourwebsitecourse syllabus works exactly the way I intended. It gives you the tools – and confidence – you need to create – and manage – a website you love. For a tiny fraction of paying someone else*.

*If you ask a website developer to create a website for you, they will still ask you for the content. This is the focus of the yourwebsitecourse syllabus. It will teach you who to write for. What to write. Where to find the images. And how to help search engines find your website, so people can find you.

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Part One of the syllabus: Your website content

The yourwebsitecourse syllabus is a large document in two parts. Part One focuses on creating the content you need for your website. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to create a website – even website professionals.

Here is where you learn about:

  • Completing and following your Website Blueprint
  • Keywords and phrases, and how to choose them
  • Website planning
  • Working with others
  • How to start writing
  • The most important words in the advertising world
  • How to beat writer’s block
  • Creating headlines and subheads
  • Awareness of images
  • Editing your text
  • The importance of grammar
  • Ticking all the boxes
  • Choosing the right images
  • Gathering your images
  • Creating and finding new images
  • Marrying headlines and images
  • Taking your own photos
  • Employing a professional photographer
  • Using photo libraries
  • Googling for images
  • Website image formats
  • Cropping images
  • Naming images
  • Resizing images for the web
  • Optimising images
  • Other forms of website content
Before you create your own website, you need a plan
Learn about everything from writing to photography

It bears repeating: website content is the most important part of the process – and something you will need to provide even if you employ a website designer.

The price

To make the yourwebsitecourse accessible to as many people as possible, the price is now just £50. For that, you will receive a pdf with links to a huge amount of valuable information, and a section on building your website in WordPress.

section of computer keyboard

Part Two: Your WordPress website

The second part of yourwebsitecourse shows you how to put everything together in WordPress (here’s why I use that website builder).

Part Two teaches you about:

  • Website design
  • Top design tips
  • Buying a domain name
  • Buying web hosting
  • Building your website with WAMP or MAMP
  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • Essential Plugins
  • Creating a Media Library
  • Creating website Pages
  • Creating and tweaking your Menu
  • Choosing your Theme
  • Customising your Theme
  • Emoticons
  • Creating blog Posts
  • Problem-solving
  • Using Yoast SEO
  • Website maintenance

Even if you are going to use another website builder, the yourwebsitecourse syllabus will teach everything you need to know to make it work.

Learn how to create a website in WordPress

There are lots of other website builders out there, including Sitebuilder, Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, Webs, Squarespace, Jimdo, Gator and Shopify. They all have their merits (here’s an article that compares a few of them in more detail). Some are free to use. Others you pay for.

website course syllabus

Everything you need to know for just £50

You can buy the yourwebsitecourse syllabus for just £50. This pdf contains everything you need to create and manage a website, step by step. It does take work – but if you do that work, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Or get started for just £10

The yourwebsitecourse syllabus includes something called a Website Blueprint. This incredibly important document forces you to look at: 

  • Why you need to create your own website
  • Who your website is for
  • How many pages it must have
  • Which words are essential
  • What images it must include
  • How often you should update it

Your website blueprint is something you will find incredibly valuable even if you don’t want to follow the entire syllabus. You can order the template for just £10. An absolute bargain.

Sample pages from the syllabus

website syllabus sample page 1
About words
syllabus example page 2
About images
syllabus example page 3
About WordPress
example page 4
About coffee time
paperclips for briefs

Any other questions?

All your questions should be answered in the yourwebsitecourse syllabus. If there’s anything else, use this form I’ve attached.

I’ll get back to you in a couple of clicks