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Website education

If you want to learn how to create your own website, ask about availability on Your Website Course. I will walk you through the whole process, step by step. And you will work with a small group of people like you and people you’ll like. I am especially interested in working with people who want to make the world a better place. (You know who you are.)

Your Website Course is a comprehensive course in two parts.

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  • Part One: Website Content. Here you learn about following your website blueprint, targetting, planning your site, and creating the right words and images. It will take around 10 one-hour Zoom classes and costs £350.
  • Part Two: Working With WordPress. Here you build your website in WordPress. This includes choosing and customising a theme, creating menus, pages and posts, and even SEO. It takes around eight one-hour Zoom classes and costs £300.

During both parts of the course, you will have a one-hour tutorial session with me, whenever you feel it would be most helpful.

Website creation

Website creation is also an option, if you are too busy for Your Website Course.

You will still need to complete a website blueprint (with my help), telling me everything I need to know about you and your business. I will use this to create a website (with your input), using exactly the same system taught on Your Website Course.

It is hard to put a figure on this, but you should budget at least €1,200. Ongoing changes will be charged hourly.

Website consultation

You also can ask me to do a review of your existing website, with you, over Zoom. I will give you my first impressions and suggest where improvements could be made. My hourly fee is €60, for a minimum of one hour.

I can quickly point out obvious mistakes, tweak headlines and copy, and make suggestions regarding image choice. I worked at a senior level at major advertising agencies, and have created work for dozens of big brands. I have worked with other serious creatives and you will benefit from our collective experience.

Writing, editing, sense checking and proofreading will be quoted per project and charged hourly.

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