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How to make a website

Making a website is like drawing an owl
Making a website is a bit like drawing an owl

I will tell you how to make a website. I will even point you towards the documents on the right to get you started. But first, I wanted to publish that image of how to draw an owl.

Because I love it.

And because it illustrates the reason I came up with Your Website Course.

Your website will be made one step at a time

How to make a website, tenuous connection
Actually, it’s easier to make a website

I don’t think people who know how to make websites want that information to get out. My feeling is, they’d rather charge a huge amount of money to make websites. Then charge a huge amount more for further changes that will need to be made.

Some website makers even charge eyewatering amounts of money for hosting, or monthly retainers – or both. It’s exploitative. And I don’t know about you, but I’m done with exploitation.

Let’s leave that in the world before Covid.

Start making your website today

The method I teach is the method I use to make websites. I start with something I call a Website Blueprint. This document is based on the briefs I received during my time in advertising agencies. Further refined over the years I’ve been making websites for myself and others.

Yes, even when making my own websites, I start with a Blueprint.

This document tells me:

  1. Why I am making a website
  2. All about the rest of the *ing website

If you are going to make a website – for yourself or someone else – you will want to download the Website Blueprint template. Just click on the image in the sidebar and it will take you to the checkout. If you book a place on Your Website Course, I will refund the £10.

I will also refund the cost, if you decide to buy the entire course syllabus and do it all yourself.

Make your website on your own

The Your Website Course syllabus is £99 and walks you through every stage of the process.

Follow the syllabus and you will learn how to make a website from scratch, and publish it in WordPress. Why WordPress? I’ve written about that here. In short, because I use it. You can make any kind of website with it. And it’s a great way to make websites that work on any device without knowing anything about coding or design.

You can click here to download the syllabus (which contains the Blueprint). As you might have guessed, I will refund you the cost if you decide to take the whole course.

Yes, you do know about design

You don’t need to be able to draw to know about design. (Especially with WordPress.)

Wordpress Themes
Make a website with one of 4,000 WordPress Themes.

One wonderful designer (and printmaker) I know uses the word “resonate”. He says you work on something until it resonates with you. Until it tells you it is finished.

You already do that when you make choices about the things you like. Look around the space you’re in. Let your eye be drawn to things that please you. Things that resonate with you.

A beautiful thing about WordPress is that you can choose from thousands of Themes that have been created by people who can design. All you need to do is find a Theme that works for you. More accurately, that works with what you are trying to achieve. (Your Website Blueprint will tell you that. It’s why you start with it and refer to it at every stage of the process.)

section of computer keyboard

Words make websites work

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The design (like the finished owl) comes later. Joy of joys, making a website (once you’ve completed your Blueprint) starts with choosing the right words.

And this is where I can really help.

I spent a long time making money for big and small brands, in agencies in the UK and USA. This taught me the power of words – and how to use them with images to generate action. I’ve sold everything from teabags to cars and houses.

Now I want to use my knowledge to help people I resonate with. Especially people who are committed to making the world a better place. Remember that ideal world I mentioned? I’ve decided to make it happen – and I need your help.

Your website can make the world a better place

Don’t worry if you’re not campaigning to save the rainforest, helping to feed starving children, or putting your energy towards the countless “good causes” “out there”.

If you create a website that brings something positive to the Internet, you will make a small but certain impact on the world.

It will start with a couple of rectangles, instead of circles. But – written by you, designed by you, kept up to date by you – it will end up a beautiful and inspiring thing. A work of art.

how to draw a water droplet
If an owl is too much, have a class of water

Alex Crowe helps people create and manage their own websites. He has created Your Website Course to walk students through the whole process, step by step. Graduates know everything they need to build and maintain a WordPress website, without the need to employ a website designer. The course takes place over Zoom, due to Covid restrictions.

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