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Learn to create your own website

WordPress Block Editor “Add Title” headline goes here

Widgets, Embeds etc (H2)

Other sections in the popup window on the WordPress block editor include “Widgets” and “Embeds”. By now, you will understand how this works. Embeds is a particularly useful section, allowing you to add video from YouTube (for example) just by pasting the URL into the field indicated.

Now you know enough to build your pages in WordPress. Have fun.

Don’t forget a Contact Form (H1)

Always give your readers lots of opportunities to contact you for more information and to buy (if that’s the purpose of your website). Contact Forms can be created using plugins like WPForms and Jetpack. Free plugins can be upgraded to unlock additional features, if necessary.

PS Remember to add links to other pages of your website. Links to and from your website are very important for your readers – and for Google. One final point, people often read a PS at the bottom of the page. You can use this to remind readers of something important. Like responding now. Maybe you don’t even need the PS prefix.